Thursday, May 16, 2013

Post-Forgetful Stress Disorder

Soooooo guess who got her laptop fixed all by herself? Tech feminism, that's hot. To explain: I haven't been able to Google/Netflix/stream Game of Thrones for DAYS now, and it's been killing me! I am scarily reliant on machines. Not looking forward to the Luddite revolution.

In other news, we recently got to meet my sister's new boyfriend! Which was exciting, because I've never had the opportunity to haze anyone before. Mwahahaha. We made him walk dogs with us, watch shitty TV with us, put on face masks with us, and we even made him carry his girlfriend's very inebriated sister out of a bar!

If I'm being honest, that last one was less of a deliberate hazing and more of a very lucky accident [for me]. And we made sushi! Sushi that, incidentally, is very bad at lining stomachs. But goes fantastically with lychee martinis. Just for future reference.

I have managed recently to do the single most frustrating thing a person can ever do. I left my jacket on a train. Now, to put this into context, this is my leather jacket that I wear ALL THE TIME. I am/was surgically attached to this jacket. I loved it more than was possibly healthy. And I LEFT IT. ON A TRAIN. ON ITS OWN. This is how David Cameron must have felt when he left his child at that pub. Except worse. "CURSES!', I cursed loudly, shaking my fists in the sky in Preston train station. This went mostly unnoticed in Preston, from which you can draw your own conclusions. RIP best jacket ever. May we meet again in the afterlife/eBay.

After Cheshire, it was off to Ireland [which is where I am now], for my month's elective placement in Dublin. Now, have any of you ever tried to pack for a month's vacation? Anyone tried to pack for a month with an 18kg luggage allowance? Including textbooks and stethoscope etc? It is nicht gut. I had to line up all of my possessions in order of a) weight, b) expensiveness, and c) closeness to my heart. My studded pumps, watercolours and entire skincare routine made it. A warm coat did not.

Dublin update coming soon! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more escapades.

In The Valley Below - Peaches
The Mighty Sequoyah - Insect
The Last Royals - Crystal Vases
Orlando - Show Me Where The Bullets Go
Cocorosie - Gravediggress
The Paper Kites - Paint
Benjamin Dunn and The Animal Orchestra - When We Were Young


  1. Learn to love thrift shops. You might even find
    fabulous leather jacket left on train by someone else in a parallel universe. Think of it as part of the experience of the placement and leave it all behind when you go.

  2. I just discovered your blog and it's so pretty, I loved it.
    And you have an amazing taste in music haha!

  3. Same as Ana...JUST found your blog and love it! Have lots of fun in Dublin you lucky thing!

  4. omg these photos are amazing.. those dogs!! what cuties! :)
    I'm from dublin!! if you need ideas of what to do/where to go please feel free to ask me!! :)
    love your blog - i just happened across it and fell in love!

  5. omg... this music is so perfect for beeing soundtrack in my life!
    thank you. it's a shame that I live too far away to order some of your absolutely good looking food! but if I ever come to Edinburgh, be sure I will :)

  6. Thanks everyone! Back from Dublin now, but I miss it TERRIBLY, all the coffee shops in particular. I'm thinking of doing a little 'visitor's guide to Dublin' with the little places I found, Eleanor, so if you have any secret locals-only spots, do tell! I want to go back sooooooon x

  7. those macaroons look so goood! xx

  8. You're killing me with those macaroons!

  9. This is a colorful post -from the colorful images and cute characters on it. I can feel the thrill in your experience.

  10. Sweets like macaroons are the best stress reliever for me. I usually match it with a hot espresso or strong coffee.

  11. Beautiful shots.

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