Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Paris Paris

BONJOUR MES AMIES. Why am I speaking French, you ask? Well, because I've just come back from a casual jaunt to Paris! Yes, a casual jaunt. Nothing better than a [very] long weekend away with your best friend to reinstate one's joie de vivre. It's been eclair o'clock every hour of every day, interspersed with various other pastries and even the occasional meal.

It's not for nothing that we told the couple next to us in the fondue restaurant - "We came to Paris to EAT." They couldn't even finish their fondue. Amateurs. We ate 5/6 of the cheese one and all of a meat one. I drunkenly yelled at the waiter when he tried to take it away from us. What can I say?  I heart cheese.

There's nothing quite like exploring a new city with just your wits, a map, a travelcard, and [THANK GOD] Google maps as well. Can't have too many maps, that's for sure. Whizzing about underneath Paris, playing games of Paris Metro Chicken [how inappropriately can you touch your travel companion without freaking out/drawing too much attention?], stumbling across an old man riffing with some buskers on his harmonica whilst everyone sang along to Bob Marley, and being serenaded by ridiculous accordion music. And that was just UNDERGROUND!

The absolute best thing about Paris? NO HANGOVERS. I kid you not. Not a smidge of a geule de bois in sight. And I have absolutely no idea how we managed it. Was it the fact that we soaked up all our wine with copious amounts of garlic and cheese? Was it the two nights we spent just drinking out of baby bottles? REVEAL YOUR SECRET, PARIS. The world needs more wine-filled nights.

Having said that, since coming back I've suffered through the worst hangover known in mankind's history. It was a carried-out-of-the-club-sent-to-bed-too-hungover-to-make-pancakes hangover. A lie-very-still-don't-play-candy-crush-the-screen-hurts-my-eyes hangover. I have NEVER been too hungover to make pancakes before. I think all my Paris hangovers hit me at once.

The best way to eat eclairs - on a balcony

Prepare yourself for more photos to come - I'm not blowing this all at once, no sirree. I'm leaving you wanting more. Like Paris did to me [SOB].

Eliza and The Bear - The Southern Wild
Ben Rosenbush & The Brighton - This Fire
Andrew Simple - Souvenirs
Mikhael Paskalev - I Spy
Thumpers - Dancing's Done

Anyone enjoying my new header as much as I am? Probably not. Props to the person who can figure out what album I've painted as playing on the iPod!


  1. I love your descriptions and can't wait to read more.

  2. Hi, I just visited a few days ago and I love your blog. I want to live just like you do in the future, visiting many cities and enjoying food. (food!!!) Your food blog is also fantastic. I really look forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. Oh, I love Mikhael Paskalev. My favourite song at the moment is the "Jive Babe" :D

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous. I really want to visit Paris, hopefully sometime this year. I wish France was that gentle on me when it came to avoiding hangovers! I had the worse one in Strasbourg after a night of too much wine.
    Jodie xx

  5. Aha! Very beautiful and stately shots, old friend. And the album cover looks somewhat like Bon Iver's very lovely Blood Bank EP.

    Peace x

    1. Yes! You have won....my congratulations. xx

    2. I hate you Stefan, I literally came on to just post that! And say how much I love Paris, and I think you may have stayed at the same hotel I did :)

  6. I love this, and Paris, and Bon Ivor. Gorgeous blog.


  7. lovely photos :) Paris is a beautiful beautiful place, ever since i was a young child I have been drawn to it like no other city in the world, it seems as though you had a great time there!
    hope you have a lovely day :)
    saida xx

  8. I just discovered your blog, and you totally caught my attention with this post about Paris. Beautiful descriptions, magnificent photos, and I feel like I'm in Paris again. :)

  9. Great post? Why don't we follow each other? :) http://myworldmylifelilc.blogspot.co.uk - LC xx

  10. Is there really such game as Paris Metro Chicken?!! Like I like there and I didn't even know that haha. Anyway I love your post. <3

  11. Such a fun post to read! mmmm the eclairs sound so good! and the fondue...