Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Doughnuts with a big D

Hello new lovers! And old ones too, of course. How is everyone? I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation, and by hibernation I mean constantly-in-a-onesie. I'm not disgusting though, I do have two onesies that I rotate. And sometimes I just wear pyjamas.

If you're worried that all I've been doing is slothing around, DON'T WORRY. I've also been drinking. And studying. My studies have shown that mixing G&Ts and lychee martinis is dangerous. You're welcome. Other important results: the attractiveness of the wine label is proportional to the deliciousness of the wine, and you should always keep lemons in the house. Always.

Having recently caught tonsillitis from a child during my paediatrics block, I've been sadly unable to go running [oh so sad] because my go-to response when I'm ill is to faint, which let me tell you is fantastic for a medical student. Nothing better than fainting during ward rounds. Or surgeries. Or while shopping. So instead of running, I've been hula-hooping [this is valid exercise okay] and self medicating with doughnuts.

And not just any doughnuts, OH NO. KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS. The doughnuts to end all doughnuts. The Doughnuts with a capital D. The King of the Doughnuts. The doughnuts that I drove 80 minutes and 24 miles in total to get [we were literally turned away by police the first time it was so busy]. And were they worth it? YES THEY WERE.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't eat the entire dozen. I ate a half dozen. And I regret nothing!

Guards - Silver Lining
Lord Huron - Ends Of The Earth
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim And Sleep
Matt Corby - Lighthome (live)
Lisa Mitchell - Providence


  1. Yummi Yummi Yummi!

    I love to stay in my pyjama at home, too.
    It´s the most comfortable thing to wear and I just can go to and in bed whenever I want to!


  2. I've only ever had Krespy Kremes once in my life (yes I know.. shame on me)
    But doughnuts have never tasted the same... It's just not right if it's not double K

  3. Oh finally a new post. Found your blog when you did not write anything for weeks and I was high and down at the same time. Love your writing and especially your pictures. They are the reason why one of my travel goals for 2013 Edinburgh is.
    Love your blog!


  4. I hope you're feeling better! I don't live near anywhere close to a Krispy Kreme, but it's always a delight when family members or friends bring them home from traveling. Also- Lord Huron is such a great band, awesome choice!

  5. krispy kremes are really the best! finally you posted something again. :) looking forward to hearing more from you :)

  6. Yay, this makes me so happy to come on and see you on my news feed.

    Am I a loser? Probably. More internet Emily please.

  7. I absolutely agree with you! Krispy kremes are absolutely the best doughnuts. It's my guilty pleasure ;)

  8. They're best when fresh. Hello, I too have been in hibernation. Sadly without a onesie. I came across your blog because apparently you are following mine. I like your style and what you have to say. The music clips are delightful.

  9. omg how did I not know about your blog before! I love it!

    Another donut addict right here hehe