Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Dublin Calling

Dublin! Lovely sunny Dublin. My home for the month of May treated me very well indeed, and by very well, I mean my average burrito consumption was 0.75 burritos a week. Me gusta.

And it wasn't just burritos, ohhhhhhhh no. If you've ever been to Dublin [or follow me on Instagram], then you know that it is a city pretty much obsessed with food and drink, which suits me just fine. Doughnuts, brownies, macarons [I am basically a sniffer-dog for Laduree], the BEST PIZZA OF MY LIFE [chorizo, goat's cheese, wild mushrooms....just...], delicious salads and incredible ice-cream. I am a walking mound of food.

In the midst of all this delicious food though, there was not one eclair. Not one. Not one that meets my high Parisian standards, that is, and by jove I've got a hankering for one. You know when you just really really have a craving for something? I kept popping into patisseries, asking them with hopeful eyes "Do you have any eclairs?" "No, but we have some lovely tarts." Tarts. Tarts??! Tarts are not eclairs. I mean, I like tarts as much the next person, but choux pastry they are not. And don't even TALK to me about eclairs filled with cream and not creme patisserie. I will shun you.

A worrying proportion of my thoughts are about food.

I did do other stuff though, I promise. I visited museums and galleries, had my first proper Guinness in Ireland [still not for me], went out to the seaside [!!!], used my sixth sense to randomly come across not one but two food markets, and flirted my way into free coffee [with full permission of my boyfriend, because free coffee is free coffee]. A very productive month.

I also went to my first ever spin class - yay! Or not so yay, as my gluteal muscles were complaining afterwards. I made the severe error of going to another class right beforehand - what a noob. "Just go at your own pace," she said, "you know your own body." Well, my body was telling me to sit down, because standing up cycling is nutjobs. So wise.

When you're moving to a foreign city for an extended length of time, it's always nice to nest a bit, to make the place you go back to each evening feel like home. And for me, that always means candles. And all of my clothes piled onto a chair in the corner. But mainly nice things like candles.

Another thing to help you settle in is to explore the city, but my must-see picks are always nice cafes and interesting shops, rather than endless tourist spots. For fantastic city guides written by locals, check out Design Sponge, and I'm going to write my own little guides to Dublin and Edinburgh in the coming weeks, to help out all of you visiting my fair city. If you've got any secret spots that you'd recommend, please comment below!

Little Green Cars - Big Red Dragon
Grimes - Oblivion
Freedom Fry - The New Crowd
The Oh Hello's - I Have Made Mistakes
Fanfarlo - Good Morning Midnight


  1. Keep an eye out for the beanbag cinema! I went and saw Casa Blanca there and boy was it good! Also ever tried Bo Bo's Burgers? Best and cheapest burgers in Dublin I reckon. Also in terms of films there is the outdoor cinema but I'm not sure how regular they show..

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Dublin so far!

    K x


  2. You had me sold at burritos :D I love your writing! It is so easy to relate to, and so much fun to read! Also Dublin? Jealous. It looks BEAUTIFUL :)

  3. Ah! I went to Dublin with my Dublin-born boyfriend for Christmas and it was wonderful! The Bath Pub on Bath Ave is a fun spot, and Grafton Street is adorable!

    I miss it.

  4. If you are planning to do a guide of Edinburgh, there is a really nice bar you should include called "Monteiths". It's a great place for a first date!

  5. You have made me incredibly hungry.
    Thank you.

    Breakfast After 10

  6. I loved Dublin so much, didn't make it to the beach though! maybe next time, it looks lovely x

  7. I have vacationed in Ireland (Dublin is home base each time) 5 times in the past year and a half. Love it there. Wish I could stay on extended trips, but always just 9 days or less. Best meal of my life was in a little steak house in Howth.

  8. Dublin is a great city! Enjoy :) Love x

  9. I loved Dublin when I was there last month! I did a post about it on my blog as well.

  10. Oh I'd love to go to Dublin one time!

  11. Wow, you're photos and descriptions are so vivid they almost seem to spring off the page! I have always dreamed of going to Ireland and getting to spend a month there seems like absolute heaven. I'm so jealous!


  12. I spent 10 days in January and it was such a big surprise. Have to go back

  13. Aw, I went to Dublin once it was lovely, so gothic and gorgeous under the rain :) I love your music here, too. Your blog is awesome xx


  14. I just stumbled across your blog and I just wanted to say: I really like your pictures! I have been planning to go to Dublin for months, but being completely broke, kinda gets in the way a bit... And since most of my money currently goes into buying food, I totally get the eclair thing, too. On my last trip to France I found some that were filled with strawberry cream, by the way. I died the death of multiple foodgasms...

  15. Dublin is very lovely. I hope someday I'll have my vacation there.

  16. I am absolutely desperate to go to Dublin. Your photos make it out to be as beautiful as I have always imagined it! Please post soon, I am missing your gorgeous posts! x


  17. Your blog makes me want to hop on a plane like right now

  18. Lovely pictures! Really inspires me to travel more often :)

    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  19. Great Post, I highly appreciate those people who share some good information, because I like those people who actually share :).

  20. You're such an inspiration Emily:)