Friday, May 04, 2012

Hello again, hello

Hello! What a month or so it's been. I've been in charge of the costume department for a musical [which went exceedingly well, photos perhaps to come], learning psychiatry in the depths of Scotland and I've somehow managed to drive over 500 miles in my car. Pheww. I also managed to park in completely the wrong place and get my car towed - goodbye £180

However, I've also managed to gain a beautiful bike, complete with wicker basket, for the full dickhead look, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and been persuaded back to the blogosphere by a couple of lovely emails from followers [Hi, Bea and Casey!]

I've successfully traversed my way through vaginas and babies, although there was an awkward spot where a woman actually getting a baby ripped out of her kept maintaining eye contact with me, while I desperately tried to keep my "Oh shit they're actually cutting your hooha right in front of me this is terrible I'm never having children" look from off my face.

And now I'm spending all my time in what is known as 'The Kingdom of Fife', feeling like I'm in a horror movie as I drive around a converted lunatic asylum, while mental patients wander around willy-nilly. Although one did tell me she liked my glasses. Win?

All of these photos are from my instagram - I'm @1girlandheripod, just like twitter

Here's what I've been listening to on my many, many car journeys:


  1. Those are lovely flowers! You definitely deserve it for the whole baby-ripping thing xD


  2. Well as the song goes, "being a dickhead's cool, cool, cooooool."

  3. What's wrong with Fife?! x

  4. Nothing's wrong with Fife! I love Fife actually, I'm staying in Kirkcaldy with a load of really lovely people, it's the trips up to Cupar which aren't so great...x

    1. Haha I like Cupar!! :) x

    2. I did scoff down a coffee tower from Fisher & Donaldson - amazing! We need one in Edinburgh asap x

  5. Hello from Canada. So glad you're back--I love your blog.

  6. Beautiful pics of the flowers. I take beautiful pictures too(: Love your blog by the way. Beautiful work.