Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Halt, Tiny Army

I am SO sore. But a good kind of sore - sore from plunging back into what is probably a very irresponsible yoga routine. I have muscles aching where I swear there aren't any - seeing as my exams are in 3 weeks, this worries me. But isn't there something incredibly satisfying about stretching? I used to be able to bend down and touch my head to my knees, and now I'm so inflexible that every time I drop something I'm like eh *picks it up with foot*.

Also, we've been infested with ants in our tiny kitchen in Fife - ants! They've been spotted marching up the stairs to the flat, all of their tiny minds fixated on one thing: my food cupboard. YES, maybe they have excellent taste, for ants, but my tiny marshmallows are for me, ants. Me. What am I to do with my nightly hot chocolate now? Use REGULAR size marshmallows? I think not!

Old pictures but new tunes, folks - I've got a tonne of new music coming your way, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Spinto Band - Take It
Delta Spirit - California
San Cisco - Awkward


  1. I'm so happy you're updating again! I love your music!

  2. Chuffed to see you posting - sorry about your marshmallows!

  3. Yay for yoga! I can see how you'd be sore if you hadn't done it in a while, though... maybe if you do lots of poses in front of the ants, they'll be frightened away?


  4. I love the tiny marshmallows especially the different pastel color ones that comes out during Easter (That's the only time I can seem to find them anywhere.) I've never done yoga before but it sounds...fun?

  5. Thanks everyone for your concerned comments about my tiny marshmallows, I have in fact been out and bought MORE because it has been a horrible rainy day and I needed them. Allay your fears. x

  6. Oh so glad to hear your marshmallow issue is resolved! And thank you for the music. It helps me pretend to my much-cooler younger brother that having children has not dulled me.

  7. So so so happy that you are posting again! I love the pictures and totally feel your yoga pain, the stretching is worth it though! Thanks so much for the music :)

  8. A pox on the pismires! Happy to see you posting and good luck on the exams.

    1. I had to Google that! Fantastic word.

  9. Hi there! I love reading your blog and constantly check it for updates :)

    I've awarded you the 'Versatile Blogger Award' on my blog!

    Head on over to check it out :)


  10. *picks up with foot* is so great!

  11. OH, if only I would bring myself to get back into my yoga routine, it may help get rid of my frequent migraines. And, the ants. Well, I have the same problem. Except my ants have now migrated to the trash can. They can hang out in there all they want. One way to ward off the ants. Sprinkle grits in areas that you notice many ants. Ants do not like grits one bit. I have some sprinkled behind my sink.

  12. Ahh! Ants! I despise anything too crawly or tiny. Spiders tend to think of my bedroom as a kind of hangout, for what reason I have no idea. I guess I should be thankful because they are said to be symbols of creativity-I'm an aspiring author-but I think I can do without any eight legged muses.