Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A thimble of a man

Buona sera. I had about 3 days last week where I didn't physically speak to anyone apart from transactions in shops. It was wonderful

Sometimes I think I enjoy my own company a little too much. But give me a solid couple of days of baking, sewing and reading, nothing to do but fill time and I am content. However, saying that, it's definitely nice to have everyone back in town - I've been on lovely trips to St Andrews, seen the Muppets movie [ehhh. At one point I turned to my friend and hissed loudly "FUCK OFF, WALTER", which sounds a little extreme, unless you too have watched it and then you know exactly what I'm talking about], and gazing at pictures of diseased lady-gardens.

What?? Diseased va-jayjays?? I hear you ask, in shocked harmony. Yes. Diseased hoohas. I'm starting on obstetrics & gynaecology next week, which should be...interesting. There are certain things that you do not want to know about otherwise you will NEVER have sex/children ever. Don't google 'blue waffle'. Just don't.

Also not fun - hearing a seventy year old man talk about 'sophisticated foreplay'. I can't unhear that.

On the fateful Valentine's day of my last post, somewhere during my wine and electric blanket binge, I managed to impulse buy a Kindle. Do I already have an eReader? Well, yes, but it's really old and slow and Kindles are so pretty. So then I became obsessed with sewing little cases for things, which progressed into this absolute beauty of a laptop sleeve.

Yes, that is my actual address on the back. Decorative and functional. Incidentally, I made up this design during a sleepless night after watching The Woman In Black. I then fell asleep and had nightmares that my sewing machine was haunted.

Matt Corby - Brother
Milo Greene - 1957
Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle
Russian Red - The Sun The Trees


  1. Hi,
    Great post. I, too, treasure days of solitude. Thanks for the warning, but, of course, I am compelled to google "blue waffle". I adore your laptop sleeve - perfectly lovely. I think you could offset your education expenditures with these - seriously.
    Regards ~ jennifer

  2. Not sure about posting the address on the internet (am I the only one who gets paranoid about posting too much information?) but I ADORE your laptop sleeve. If my laptop was small and dainty and didn't weight more than a horse I would definitely be attempting a replica of that! I know exactly what you mean about having time to yourself by the way, self indulgence is my favourite past time!

  3. Hey I just wanted to say that the music that you feature on here is amazing! Also do you have directions for that laptop sleeve??? It looks amazing!!

  4. Tell me more about that laptop sleeve, I want it! Great photos too, I love my own company :)

    ...haunted sewing machine xD

  5. i agree with everyone. that laptop sleeve is hawt (hot)! i miss the days of solitude where basically you get so bored you really become your own best friend and the the creative juices start flowing. maybe one day! (your aunt holly pointed me to your blog. very nice!)

  6. That is an absolutely gorgeous laptop sleeve! I completely understand about the days of solitude... I too worry that I enjoy being alone too much :P (I'm now following you, btw, hi :D)


  7. these photos makes me feel like traveling. anyway, practicing your spanish is always interesting! good luck!