Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sitting here, with a beautiful [if decaffeinated, gotta think of my sleep patterns] coffee and a fresh baked peanut butter cookie, it occurs to me - I'm going to miss being at home.

And not just for the free food, either. I feel like I've lived a simpler life down here: food, work, run, sleep. It's quite nice to have a limited number of things to do, makes each thing feel self-contained and complete. In my head I'm likening it to when people throw a fancy dress party, and when you ask what the theme is, they say "Anything!". 'Anything' makes me nervous. I don't like 'anything', it's too vague, there's too much choice, so much you can't really think of anything at all that falls within those vast parameters.

Look at me, rambling on. I know what you want - the music I promised you. Well, here it is - a lovely selection of covers, in fact. 

I swear it goes from sunset to pitch black in about 15 minutes.

Ellie Goulding - Heartbeats [The Knife cover]
Villagers - Back For Good [Take That cover]
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Rebellion (Lies) [Arcade Fire cover]
Grizzly Bear - Graceland [Paul Simon cover]
Kate Walsh - A Little Respect [Erasure cover]
Peter Gabriel - Flume [Bon Iver cover]
Greg Brown - Don't Let Me Down [The Beatles cover]
Bon Iver - Simple Man [Graham Nash cover]
Jimmy Fallon (as Bob Dylan) - Charles in Charge
John Legend - Rolling In The Deep [Adele cover]
Alex Winston - The Cave [Mumford and Sons cover]
Strand of Oaks - Ohio [Damien Jurado cover]


  1. Hi! Just wanted to say that I linked you at my blog. Hope that's ok, let me know if it's not :)

  2. No, that's brilliant, thankyou! x