Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hello beautiful people.

I'm home! And hermitising. [Hermitising (v): from the noun 'hermit', to totally cut oneself off from the outside world. Not necessarily a bad thing.] I'm lucky enough to have a treadmill in my garage, and parents on a health kick, so this is my detox week to blitz blitz blitz and then return to Edinburgh glowing and happy and not sleep deprived.

So...what's been going on since you saw me last? Well, my nose is clear! Yes! Hello nostrils!
I guess since clocks have gone forward, it's technically spring, but I am not happy at all about this. Yeah yeah, daffodils and lambs yadda yadda yadda, so pretty, what is up with it being so light in the evenings, huh? That's pretty much my biggest gripe with it, it's confusing my body clock. I simply cannot eat my dinner when it looks like it's 3pm. Change is not always good.

Hmmm I do feel like I owe you guys some music, but I've not been listening to that much recently, instead embarking on a Criminal Minds marathon [which is awesome, so I don't even feel guilty].
I'm off to the cinema soon with my sister, so I'll be back later avec musique. This is really just a courtesy post, for those of my readers who have requested something other than my sad turtle face.

Sad turtle out!


  1. HAHA I love your idea of 'hermitizing' I think everyone should do that every once in a while.
    I COMPLETELY agree, I hate the lighter evenings, night time should look like night!