Monday, April 11, 2011

It's craaaaaaaaaazy times over here in Emily-land. Item one on the agenda; I've been approached about turning my food blog into an app for iphones etc, with photos and recipes which I am obviously VERY EXCITED ABOUT. Um, hello? There's an app for that. Quite literally.

Item two is just another little tale of randomness from my life - I'm going on a date tomorrow. 'Oh, a date? Psshhhhht people go on those all the time, she's not special." Well WAIT ONE SECOND. A date.......that will be filmed. Yes! Filmed. People all around the nation [Edinburgh Uni] are going to know just how awesome I am at first dates. [sidenote - not kidding, I'm kind of awesome. I once went on a date, went home early because I was sick, then accidently bumped into the guy later that night at a bar I got dragged to, and STILL got a second date. I've got mad skillz yo.]

I'm also getting a free hog roast in exchange for taking photos at a ball. If people want to pay me in food then I am fine with that, it's all legal tender to me baby.