Saturday, March 12, 2011

Exams are over! Dontcha just hate when you feel like you've been building up to something for so long and it finally gets here, and you're like "Huh. You're not so great."

Yeah, you guessed it. The great After Exam Anticlimactic Effect. The 'ole AEAE. [Admittedly that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.]

To combat the AEAE I've spent the day indulging in all those little things I felt guilty for doing during revision time: I went to the farmers market, accidently got guilted into buying a ball of mozzarella that cost £3 [£3.No joke.], window shopped my way through Edinburgh, and spent a good amount of time in Costa, reading, with this baby up here. Isn't he a beaut? The steaming bowl of cappuccino, I mean, although my eReader is pretty close to my heart too. I really enjoy how he comes with two handles, perfect for raising up to the sky in appreciation, a la Lion King.

And so I'm going out tonight, hoping not to get too trashed, as I'll be wearing my fancy new detachable pearl peter pan collar that I made myself - pictures to follow at some point. [Pearl collar sounds like some strange sex toy in my head. Hmmm.]

Hope you're all having lovely weekends filled with reasonably priced dairy products and normal size beverages.


  1. ahh, AEAE...... I DO feel you're pain with this one, but for the moment I am just supremely jealous of the fact that you are able to appreciate (/not as the case may be) the feeling at all... I have to wait till June. Or is it May. One or t'other

  2. Argh hang on in there G! Are you decided on doing a gap year? And did you apply to Edinburgh??

  3. I have just had a blog post stolen and in looking at the website concerned I saw this one has been stolen too. See

    I suggest you comment on the article and insist that it is removed immediately as I have done on mine.