Saturday, February 04, 2012

Puppy dog tails

I'm writing this at half past ten on a Saturday night, in a deserted library. Why? Because, dear readers, my exam is in two days and I'm stuck in between frantic revision [hence the library] and absolute apathy [hence the blogging].

I've also managed to fix the technical issues I was having, and by fix I mean delete all of my music files, reupload all of my music files, and then change all of the links. Hello procrastination.

But, on the plus side, exam season is nearly over [at least for another 13 weeks] and then I've got lots of lovely time to myself, and a trip to Newcastle to see my family and cockapoo puppies, Cosmo and Hector, who are apparently going through a phase where they jizz everywhere....should be interesting.

Would you like a selection of beautiful relaxing classical/chilled music that makes revision about 200% better? I bet you would.

[I may be biased as I actually know this fellow, but he's amazing and his EP is coming out soon, listen here]

Get ready for some more music, and rather more exciting photos, next week.


  1. Oh dear! (that's what my grandma would say...)
    good luck with your exam!
    And thank you for reuploading all this amazing music, I love it, love ist, love it!
    I still enjoy watching your blog growing!
    :) <3

  2. i just finished exams and they were awful
    ive just started a new music blog and i wanted to put links to download mp3s like you have. i was wondering how you do it?
    would be great to know
    thanks alot and its great to be reading ur blog posts again. i used to follow u a few years ago x

  3. Thank-you Cherrytree! rebecca - I upload my music files onto a file sharing website (I use OpenDrive), then install the streampad player into the blog layout, and then I just embed the .mp3 file into the post using very simple html e.g. href = etc. Hope that helps!

  4. I LOVE this blog! I have been following you for a while and I just love your writing style! It's so awesome! I decided to comment today because you shared The Balcony Scene. Romeo+Juliet is one of my favorite movies and that is the most beautiful music that was put in that movie. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

  5. I wanted to see the abandoned library because I'm thinking of all te great photographs I picture in my head, but I suppose te teacup will do ;) thank you for your blog. I thoroughly enjoy it.

  6. such a cool blog ! very inspiring ! :) xx

  7. congrats on fixing the blow-out in your blog. happy to see you back and hope your exam went well.

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  9. I am giggling at your line about how Grandmas can't see anyone without a snack or hot drink. heehee.armanexpert

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