Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Those things we can't justify are always so tempting.

Spending 10 minutes making a perfectly beautiful coffee? Unjustifiable when you've got a patient's notes to write up.

Online shopping for tight leather leggings? Unjustifiable when you've bought about a gazillion new clothes recently.

Baking some scrumptious little goodies? Unjustifiable when you've not actually used that gym membership you bought a month ago.

Doing it anyway?
Tastes delicious.


  1. you're so right. What I need, without justification, right now is a cape... and the cape in that picture of you a few posts back is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous... Please PRETTY please enlighten me as to where you purchased such a thing!!!! Especially as you said it was cheap as chips, and the one I have my eye on, unfortunately, is £95 from topshop. Grrr. x

  2. I love how my speedy reply is a testament to my procrastination - currently in la librairie doggedly trudging on with an assignment - must finish before X Factor!

    The cape was a snazzy £45 from Tu at Sainsbury's (I managed to get it during a 25% off sale too) and it is an absolute DREAM to wear. Even has a hood for when you don't want to get wet/want to feel like a superhero.

    I'm coveting a quilted Barbour-alike jacket now, but they're all so bloody expensive I may go all the way to Glasgow just to look for one in themen's section at Primark...