Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life has been pretty hectic lately. 8am trauma meetings, fast approaching deadlines, getting up at ridiculous o'clock [actually 6am] to travel to Glasgow to help out with orthopaedic trials, complicated family drama [but isn't family drama always complicated?].

So I do what any girl does when stuck between a rock and a hard place: I shop.

So hellooooo enormous car boot sale where one can buy anything from dog treats to vintage compasses. Hello new vintage watch and teacups! Hello borrowing a silk scarf from your flatmate [and then pretty much keeping it - sorry Yasmine!] and tying it round your head, a la parisienne/Katie Waissel - guilty pleasure.

Hello cheap-as-chips £10 record player which actually has pretty good sound quality. Hello finally being able to play all the jazz LPs you stole from your father. Hello to new LPs, adopted from charity shops [classic Neil Diamond, Fleetwood Mac, bossa nova Cole Porter].

Hello bidding on [and winning] vintage typewriter.

Thank God I've just started a new job, otherwise my bank account would be feeling prettttty abused right about now.

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  1. you have finally found yourself a globe! Love x