Friday, September 04, 2009

I am as grotty as grotty can be. I went out last night, for a big finale of summer with my friends from home. I [obviously] started off the night very well behaved, declaring that I wasn't going to drink that much, that I'm now practically teetotal.

However. It seems my will power really can't be trusted, and after many cocktails, and one 'fuck it' bottle of wine, I somehow made it back to my house with everyone, and woke up in bed with a guy and a girl. Clothed, at least. With lots of photos of me in pyjamas on my camera.

And with age, comes great responsibility, and terrible hangovers. I've lain in bed today, too lazy to even go to the bathroom too often, and eaten; 3 slices of toast, fried egg on toast, white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate yoghurt, a whole round of goats cheese, and a chicken korma toastie. Bread is like heroin to me.

So: darkened room, dressing gown, fuzzy feeling music. Pronto.

i. Hands Of Time - Groove Armada
ii. The Crisis - Ennio Morricone
iii. Elephants - Rachael Yamagata
iv. Love Theme - Angelo Milli
v. Beach Baby - Bon Iver
vi. Glasgow Love Theme - Craig Armstrong
vii. It's Been A Long Day - Rosi Golan
viii. Let Me Sign - Robert Pattinson
ix. Creature Fear - Bon Iver [The Daytrotter Version]
x. I'll Be Your Lover Too - Robert Pattinson


  1. When we go back, we need a night where we planned to get royally fucked, buy in hundreds of bread for the next day and never move from bed the next day apart from to fetch more bread... ;)

  2. I have discovered the best thing ever: you can buy bread at 1AM from a bakers down the road from me. Fresh baked. Sliced in front of your eyes. Bag ripped open before you even open your front door. Heaven.