Sunday, August 07, 2011

Full belly, empty pockets

Hello there. Sorry for the absence, I'm currently finishing off (I hope) my app AND completing/starting my neuroscience portfolio for Uni. And they say students are lazy, huh?

It's festival season in Edinburgh, and this comes with several pros and cons. 

Pros: I can get a crepe any time of the day or night. Not going to lie, this is a pretty big pro.
There are a lot of exciting new people drinking in exciting new venues [casual Medieval garden, anyone?].
There is now a mussel van, where you can buy moules frites! Yes! Basically, festival = food.

Cons: There are SO many people just wandering allll over the place, getting in the way of people with places to go [ie me].
Most, if not all, of the good shows cost money. Money that I need to eat. And delicious new raspberry Kopparberg also costs money.
A lot of my friends now have jobs for the festival, which equates to less free time for Emily. How selfish of them.

But hey, nothing beats Edinburgh in August. It's only money after all [strokes credit card tenderly]

Robyn - Dancing On My Own [acoustic live]
Colossal Gospel - Bitter Man


  1. That sounds awesome! I do agree with you on the slow crowd getting in the way, but the pros are outweighing it!;) Is "outweighing" a word?? You know what I mean..

  2. Beautiful photography and amazing music to match.

    I love every post on this blog!

  3. are these your photos? if so they're incredible. i may have asked you this before, lol, not sure. even if they aren't yours you have a great eye for picking photos. i had the chance to visit Edinburgh back in '07 and loved touring the old alleyways that had so much history behind them. it's an amazing place. i love following your blog. keep up the great work.

  4. Thank you! This is one of the first posts in ages where the pictures aren't actually my own - the top one is my sister's and the second one is a screenshot from A Single Man. Love that film!

  5. I'm constantly around crepes...I work @ a cafe that specialises in them (nutella & icecream; best combo) and one of the restraunts at my uni makes them :) haha

  6. Um, your Cons severely make your life better! I am currently in Ohio (The "heartland of America") and I want to either cry or shoot myself because only two things happen here: 1. Lots of shitty beer drinking for the drunks 2. Lots of Corn-hole playing...for the drunks. Fortunately, I don't live here otherwise I might take drastic measures to change this...

  7. Crepe are pretty irresistible, and you will need the energy for that neuroscience portfolio, looks fun! Good luck x

  8. such amazing photographs...following now :)