Friday, July 01, 2011

Merhaba! I have returned. And I'll tell you this for nothing - Scotland is a LOT colder than Turkey.

I was incredibly proud of my slight tan [I spend about 11.5 months of the year so pale than people ask me if I'm tired] until I discovered that the reason for my tan was not my newly exfoliated body, as the Turkish spa man insisted it was, but was instead due to the fact that my after-sun lotion had fake tan in it. I didn't realise this for a good six days, so now not only do I feel like a phoney, I have the fake-tan tidemarks on my hands to prove it.

It was a wonderful week - made slightly more wonderful by all the lovely comments on my farewell post - thankyou guys! It was a week filled with more laughter than I can remember, sunshine that sank into your bones, and the utter bliss that comes with knowing that you have nothing to do. 

And of course, food. A lot of food. When I go to an all inclusive hotel, I make it my mission to try absolutely everything - which always ends up with a plate full of portions of food I don't like, and not enough of the food I do like - but I will never change! I love trying all the things that you wouldn't normally pick in a restaurant, just for that moment when you're pleasantly surprised, and find something you love. Translation: I'm a 'why not?' kinda girl.

And so to music. Here are a couple of my holiday songs, though they're not exactly new, maybe a few are new to you.


  1. Ahh love the photo's! Glad you had a good time!! My friend had a tanning disaster also when we went on holiday, she spent the whole time wanting to tan she stayed out in the sun for too long and ended up just burning haha. I love holidays :)

  2. Welcome back.:)
    This is weird(we don't know each other:))
    but I would like to say to you that you have a really interesting and entertaining blog!
    I look forward to new posts from you:)

    Great photos...they make me want a holiday too, ha,ha:)

    P.S: I hope this didn't sound so weird...

  3. great photos - once again! glad you had fun, sounds incredible!


  4. Wow ! I Love your pictures, they are beautiful !

  5. Lovely photos. The first thing I wanna do as soon as I collect enough money is to go backpacking to Turkey!

  6. I just found your blog and I'm loving it already. I can't wait to just sit and listen to all of the music you've shared. I'm always on the hunt for new music, so I am quite excited!

  7. Hahaha, that sucks!!

    I think I'm the oposite of you. I know what I like and I hate trying something new because I'm sure I'll be disappointed (proven to be wrong many times). Also, if something is good the way it is, trying to experiment is a bad idea...

    You went by yourself btw?

  8. I travelled to Turkey some time ago, so beautiful landscapes !

  9. Seems you had a lovely time :)
    I got back from Rhodes myself on the 6th July, so I was just over the water from you!
    And I agree on the all inclusive food! It's by far the best time to try new things but I'm missing the endless choice of food and cocktails all day, every day now that I'm home. And the sun, of course for my equally pale but less tango'd skin tone..

  10. you make me jealous!
    with your holiday-trip, with your blog...
    love, rockets,

  11. I don't think your a fake or phoney for getting a tan from lotion, sometimes it happens, loved reading ur blog :)

  12. heey, your pics look great! I am turkish, too and I wanted to ask where you have been in turkey :)