Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm back, comrades. 

Back with a brand new(ish) bag of music. I've been neglecting you in favour of my new food blog, like a terrible parent who ignores their elder child when a shiny new baby comes along. Now the shine has worn off my new baby [and I'm significantly poorer from all that cooking] I have returned triumphantly. Triumphantly!

What's new in your lives? I'm sad to say that nothing much has happened in mine, and I'm living vicariously through other people as I stay chained to my oven/textbooks. Actually I have been involved in something hilarious [as in hilariously bad] recently, but I'm not sure whether I want to put it out there, on the interweb, yo. But I'll just put this out there - I have recently been propositioned by a man with a foot fetish. Intrigued? I know I am.

Absolutely brilliant, haunting stuff. Eerie, beautiful, you know the drill. Melancholic and yet not. 
Dark Dark Dark - Robert

You know how I love me a cover. Cover + Fleet Foxes = what more could you want?
Fleet Foxes - It Ain't Me Babe (Bob Dylan cover)
Fleet Foxes - Clogged Castle (BOAT cover)

The wonderful Blake Mills. By all accounts a very accomplished guitarist, touring with Cass McCombs, Band of Horses and Julian Casablancas [among others], he's now turned his hand to solo work. I'm in love.
Blake Mills - Like It's Something
Blake Mills - Women Know

"What's this? Emily's actually posting some upbeat, non-acoustic music?" I just want to keep you on your toes, people. SO UNPREDICTABLE.

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