Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have a guilty pleasure. It's a bit shameful.

My guilty pleasure is....television shows about stupid people. By this I don't mean people with low IQs [although they often do feature], I mean normal people who persist in saying and doing stupid things - things that make me shout at the TV/laptop screen in an [altogether cliched] way. Mums who think that smoking is helping their babies get fitter? Idiots! Teenagers having ridiculous amounts of unprotected sex? Idiots!

And my newest guilty pleasure - Made In Chelsea. Essentially a kind of Laguna Beach based in London, I'm already very emotionally invested. When your boyfriend pulls a pouty-bitch face at you because you borrowed his eyelash curlers? That's a relationship problem right there that no amount of romantic skiing trips or private Michelin star meals will fix.

And now on to a not-so-guilty pleasure.

If you, like me, have been very excited by the news of Bon Iver's new album, and have frantically clicked on the links to hear his new song, Calgary, then you're possibly as much of an aficionado as I am. And to help you, dear readers, in the long wait until the album comes out, I've compiled my favourite less-known tracks from Justin Vernon, including his solo stuff, his previous band, and some brilliant covers and live versions.

I know, I know, I'm far too good to you.

DeYarmond Edison - First Impression

DeYarmond Edison - Dead Anchor

Justin Vernon - Ring Out

Bon Iver - Creature Fear (Daytrotter version)

Justin Vernon - Nothing Better Than A Journey To You

Bon Iver - The Park (Feist cover)

DeYarmond Edison - Silent Signs

DeYarmond Edison - Heroin(e)

Justin Vernon - Hazeltons

DeYarmond Edison - Dusty Road (So Kind)

Bon Iver - Lovin's For Fools

DeYarmond Edison - Redemption (An Army Man And His Self-Discovery)

Justin Vernon - A Song For A Lover of Long Ago

DeYarmond Edison - Bones

DeYarmond - My Whole Life Long

Justin Vernon - Pier 39

Phewww. That's actually quite a lot. Oh well, more bang for your buck I suppose.


  1. thanks im loving bon iver recently
    where did you find all these tracks?
    loving the blog btw ;)xx

  2. So happy I found this! I've been trying to find Dusty Rose for so long! That album isn't even on itunes.

  3. OH MY. Thank you for uploading all those tracks! I think you are my music soulmate! I looooove Bon Iver as well! And I am currently listening to some of the songs on your streampad, I'm enjoying a couple of them too... :)