Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bagels? Really Emily, bagels? There's absolutely no need to make your own bagels. No need whatsoever. Except...well, I got the idea into my head and then spent about 30 mins looking at recipes, and then I realised I already had sesame seeds AND poppy seeds AND raisins, WELL. It was a done deal.

Not to mention, of course, my overwhelming need to cook when I know I should be revising, so Me + Bagels was a match made in heaven. Lovely carb-heavy heaven.

Bagels, smoked salmon, pots of tea, and the discovery of the Times Online crossword = perfect.

Here's a bit of music trivia for you - James Blake's dad was ALSO called James. Not only that, but he was ALSO a musician. Not only that, but James Blake [baby James] covered James Litherland's [daddy James] song, 'Where To Turn'.

Think on that. [Both are really good].

James Blake - Wilhelm Scream
James Litherland - Where To Turn

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