Monday, February 07, 2011

Hoooolaaa, apparent new readers. Look! A smaller stump! And as of Friday, no stump whatsoever, just a stitch free and slightly grotesque hand. Do you know what this means, dear sweet readers?

It means I can do stuff again! Hello knitting, hello baking, hello party planning, hello antiques foraging, hello ridiculous photography, hello fulfilling any and all resolutions, HELLO BLOGGING.

As of this minute I'm lying in my bed at home, absolutely stuffed to the gills with chocolate cake, krispy kremes, brownies and cups of tea [standard].

All this lying about does mean that I'm chock-a-block with new tunes though, [big shout out to] you lucky lucky people.

Alexander - Into The Twilight
US Royalty - Monte Carlo
Local Natives - Stranger Things
Lia Ices - Daphne (ft. Justin Vernon)
Bright Eyes - Shell Games
Alex Winston - Choice Notes
The Naked And Famous - Young Blood

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