Friday, February 18, 2011

The best feeling in the world is quite possibly finding out that you have an unexpected 2 day extension on your shitty uni work. AMAZING. Currently recovering from sleep deprivation by zoning out to Beach House and complaining that I didn't nab my leftover caramel-bourbon-croissant-and-butter-pudding from last night's dinner party [would have been an amazing hungover breakfast, am I right?]

In the interests of self awareness [Hi Ben if you're there] I know it's a bit douchey to be blogging. A bit dickheadish. A bit alternative. But [deep breath, Emily], I am a bit of a dickhead. 

A dickhead who makes her friends AMAZING BIRTHDAY CAKES. Oh yes. Amazing cakes that she herself is a bit resentful at giving away [I'm sensing a common theme of selfish gluttony here].

James Blake - Case of You (Joni Mitchell cover)
This is from Radio 1's Live Lounge, and it's beautiful. It really is. I must confess, I haven't properly listened to James Blake's eponymous album yet (SHOCK. HORROR.) because I sometimes have a weird aversion to too much messing about with what is essentially a nice voice, but I LOVE this. I love Joni Mitchell, and I love covers, so it's not too much of a surprise really.


  1. gahhd that joni cover is amazing.. James Blake's voice always gives me shivers. Man he's good. I haven't heard the album yet either, but I'm gonna give it a try soon.. x

    ps. amazing cakes. AMAZING. I'm in awe of your skill.

    pps. I often feel like an alternative/douchey dickhead when i blog too. but....... being a dickhead's cool, right?

  2. Thanks! It's a blessing and a curse (cupcakes for breakfast is not exactly the healthiest or diet-friendly).

    I fully endorse dickheadishness, I reckon it's just another way of saying that you're interested in stuff - and what's wrong with that? I like music and food and photos, and I'm okay with that. POWER TO THE DICKHEADS.