Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's that time of year again. Library time! And January, I guess. 
So here comes revision, and isn't it much nicer to study by ambient candlelight, than by the unflattering bright lights of the library at night? Yes, it's also much douchier, but one must accept these things.

So as I sit, trying to ram knowledge into my brain, my mind tends to wander to more delightful things. Such as what I want to do in 2011:

Have an afternoon tea party
Have a picnic in some beautiful gardens
Paint my face like a slow loris, and then reenact the 'Slow loris loves being tickled' video
Make a stop motion video
Take my big camera out more! And snap more impromptu things
Visit antiques fairs, dressed in tweed and flat caps.
Climb a tree (I say this every year)
 Climb Arthur's Seat and watch the sun rise over Edinburgh
Go to the zoo and look at penguins. Try to find a slow loris.
    I'm sure more things will pop into my head as I procrastinate...

    Bombay Bicycle Club - Motel Blues
    Villagers - Becoming A Jackal
    Wolf Gang - Lions In Cages

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