Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Helloooooo there. I'm pretty bored right now, but luckily I've got friends lovely enough to entertain me and cook haggis for me, and allow me to very cheekily steal their triple word score on Scrabble. And all because of my stump! [Hi stump waving at me in that there picture. Also that's me just casually wearing a pore strip on my face, I didn't manage to get the surgeons to have a quick fiddle while I was under.]
Also getting me through this is Adele's new album - so good. So so good. She's got the kind of voice that's just comforting and settling and yet still makes you swing your hips about without even realising.

Adele - Someone Like You

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I randomly ran across this picture on the internet and out of curiosity I wanted to know what happened. Now I cringe at the thought of what the heck you did to yourself!

    My sister managed to nearly sever the tip of her thumb while cutting up a salad, so I guess you're not alone??

    Still, looks more like you got mauled by a wild animal.