Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I love the festive season, but all this snow is getting bladdy ridiculous, Edinburgh. My car is actually snowed in, I've fallen on my ass (admittedly only once butv STILL it was undignified), I've nearly gotten frostbite waiting for taxis after Vampire Weekend [so so awesome, despite not playing Contra].

Accomplished: gotten a suitably snowy profile picture, decorated my Christmas tree, drank copious amounts of mulled wine, made some oh so casual Christmas cards on the 'ole typewriter and sealed them with a casual monogram. No biggie.

Still to go: gingerbread! And Christmas food markets. And the uploading of a suitably dickhead-ish Christmas playlist.

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  1. I cannot thank you ENOUGH for all your edinburgh help. I only had internet for a little while so I didn't have time to ask you any questions but all your recommendations were amazing! I thought I'd read on your blog before that you live up there so I guess when I sent out that plea for ideas you were one of the people I was thinking of!! WELL I had afternoon tea at eateket which was looovely and also bought some boxes of tea as christmas presents, had lunch at Chez Jules and fell in LOVE with armstrongs... have come home with a gorgeous grey silky blouse from there and a red riding jacket with MASSIVE shoulder pads which I can't decide whether to cut out or leave... Wandered around the Morningside/Bruntsfield area too. So really checked out everything on your list!! Thanks so so much. I really loved it.. I was basically up there ostensibly for 'possible university choice' research but ended up doing more shopping than anything else. But meh. So are you doing medicine up there? Definitely remember reading that you were a medical student. And that coupled with you mentioning the Medical school on Forest Rd would lead me to assume that your an Edinburghian student....
    Happy happy christmas for tomorrow, by the way! x