Monday, May 31, 2010

I am finished. Finished. It seems strange to say those words aloud, to allow myself time to do nothing, and plan everything, and accomplish tiny things, like brunch, or Spotify playlists, without the ever present guilt. Weird.

I'm sure it'll sink in soon, or I'll find something else to keep me busy (ie plenty of baking gahhh I create havoc for myself) but until then I'm happy just to sleep in and lazily open my eyes in the morning, stretch, think about getting up, close my eyes, daydream, reach over to my laptop, click play on spotify, and just lie there. In bed. With nothing to do. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Fink - This Is The Thing [I swear I don't just like this because it's part of my surname, it's actually pretty good. Plus it's my surname!]

Sarah Jaffe - Clementine [this is summery and kind of an 'F-You' in a weird way, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just me. Being all agressive/drunk after too many Pear Collins. Either way, play it when you're not quite sure who you're meant to be]

Jonna Lee - Lake Chermain [I like stripes. Don't you? Sometimes I get all iffy about wearing them, that whole 'horizontal line' thing, but when I put them on I instantly feel chic and Parisienne and invariably go overboard and wear red lipstick and a beret and a trench and thus get strange looks from people in the street. Oh, you don't like stripes? Oh, okay. Weird.]

And so this is my life-update, kind of. I say kind-of because I am currently slightly tipsy after wingmanning my way through the evening with a drink constantly in my hand. (Plus I've lost the 'L' key in my keyboard. Recently found out L is a commonly used letter in the English language. Great.)


  1. wow it must be amazing to finish.. still got just under a month although my most of my exams are already done.
    really wanna get spotify.. do u have it for free? i currently use we7 but ive heard that spotify is way better. do u have any spare invitations? x

  2. It's really good but I keep feeling guilty for not working! Spotify is awesome, I was really early in getting it, probably over a year ago now, so I've got a free version, but they've recently allowed people to sign up for free again, however there's a limit of about 20h a month or something on it. It's still worth signing up though, and it's only about £5 to get unlimited, so you could just see how much you use it to begin with.
    If you get it tell me your username and you can see my playlists!