Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am in a rut. A giant bed-shaped rut. A giant bed-shaped month-long rut. I am pretty much wallowing in this ole rut of mine.

I want to get up, get out, honestly I do. I want to be so busy my feet hardly touch the floor, and I want to like it. Now when I'm busy it makes me grumpy and resentful. How dare you take away from my important sleeping time? What do I need to kickstart me? I've tried new clothes. I've tried new music, new food, new cities. It's all one big blah to me.

Maybe this new flat will to the trick, will give me a swift kick up the arse, if we even manage to get it. And then this new flat brings a whole load of new worries with it - do we have the right paperwork? Do we have references? Do we have the money? I'm going to resolve to let the chips fall where they may, and just move on from that point. Or let my parents deal with it. Yeah, probably the latter.

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