Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lists Lists Lists. I love lists. I always have major epiphanies when walking down the street, or lying in bed, and I'm like OH. I WANT TO DO THAT SO BADLY. I'm taking inspiration from this lovely post. Sooo....

Watch operas, and appreciate them.

Be more adventurous in my cooking.

Fly a kite.

Have a picnic on the meadows.

Do more photography

Read more 'classic' books and see more 'classic' films.

Invent a cocktail.

Climb a tree (only when sober).

Learn to play at least one song on guitar.

Perfect Clair de Lune on piano.

Bake my own types of bread.

Have a poker night.

Make macarons.

Write a letter to someone and post it.

Host an afternoon tea paty.

Do more advanced sewing.

Eat lobster.

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