Thursday, January 07, 2010

I've not really written anything in a while. I've been kind of avoiding responsibilities all winter break. Postponing replying to emails, avoiding logging into my Uni system, just burying my head in the sand, really.

My father's nickname for me is emu, but ostrich would be more appropriate.

My new favourite topic of thought is resolutions - to make, to keep, to scorn? I feel like I resolve to do something every other week, but maybe the communal feeling of everyone trying to better themselves will rub off on me. So far I have:

1. Make more of an effort to meet new people, from different walks of life. Preferably older men.

2. Be more complimentary to other people. I know the buzz I get when somebody notices I've made an effort, so I want to pay more attention to the details of others' lives.

3. Get fit. Like, seriously. Eat healthy, be healthy, feel healthy.

4. Brush up on my French, Spanish, Italian & Hebrew. Probably not all at once, that would be an absolute mind fuck.

After my recent jaunt on a dancefloor, and the ensuing [blush inducing] comments from people, I have a hankering for a hot, sweaty nightclub. Yasmine, Cab Vol here I come...

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