Friday, September 11, 2009


You know that feeling you get when you've just had an enormous meal? Kind of sleepy, kind of lethargic, kind of could-I-please-go-sit-down-and-not-wash-up? I love that feeling. I just had the nicest meal, cooked for me by my flatmate's boyfriend [he does occasionally come in useful] of pork and apple sausages, with black pudding mash and caramelised apples. Yum. 

So I've been having a pretty productive time up in Edinburgh, painting shelves, painting wardrobes, spending lots of money. You know, the works. Especially that money part. So I've been busy, meeting up with people I haven't seen all summer, making lots of lists [I love lists], frantically searching for dresses to wear to all these bloody 21sts I have coming up. It's very satisfying, being busy all the time, because it makes the moments you have when you can just sit in bed that much more rewarding. 

I could never be the sort of person who's content to just sit at home all day and not do anything [ahem to certain people I know], I think I'd go crazy. I always want a project, a hobbie, some kind of activity. I mean, right now, I'm doing up a huge wardrobe, I'm making an embroidery for my friend, and I'm attempting a huge exercise kick. Lazy I ain't. Well, some of the time. I'm sure my mother would beg to differ on that point.

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