Saturday, February 21, 2009

I've been craving some new jewellery for a while now, and a sudden binge of reading of fashion blogs provoked me to go out and buy some bits and bobs to get creative with, and voila! It's a bit like a C.C. Skye bracelet, only done for about 1/100th of the price! It literally cost me about £2, for just the piece of chain and the two black and blue ribbons, and I adore it.

Can't wait for someone to ask me where I bought it...

P.S. I've been on a humongous downloading spree today [naughty naughty] and I've found the podcast KEXP Song Of The Day on iTunes. It offers a free song [pretty obviously] every day, with some amazing artists like Mates of State, Laura Veirs, Loney Dear and more.
Once you've downloaded it, you can right-click on the podcast and choose 'Create AAC version', which will turn it into a normal song in your library. And just like that, free music! And pretty legal too.....probably

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