Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am the grottiest person alive right now. It was pancake day yesterday, so I bought Nutella and waffles [all the shops had run out of pancakes - humph] and I have now literally eaten about 8 waffles, and been eating out of the jar of Nutella with a knife. A knife.

But I had yoga today, which probably burnt off a couple of the calories, seeing as I was sweating like nobody's business at the end of it - intense. Whoever says yoga doesn't count as 'proper' exercise should come to my class, I'd show them a thing or two.

Aaaaand....this is my really cute outfit I wore yesterday! It's a lace top bought from eBay aaages ago, and customised, with a primark tunic dress I swapped the buttons of, with wet-look leggings, and my Paris necklace! I still can't get a hang of this self-portrait photo business though, mine all come out blurry or with a big flash, not sure how these blogger girls manage it...

Lovely playlist coming soon, very soon

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